Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smatterings of Watercolors

Just for fun... here's a painting from a few years ago, My Underwood.

Sketch in watercolor... she's one of many ladies in a series.
Oh boy, I've been a bad girl! It's been way too long since the last posting on this blog... usually I'm writing on my other blog. But, I'll try to do better :). I've been obsessing over sketchbooks lately... love doing watercolors in them! I've been conflicted about keeping paint - sketchbooks because it takes time away from the work I'm supposed to be producing.
{An upcoming show is looming in April and I need to make new work!!! We also need to have at least one piece that has an 'East meets West' theme which will be a challenge}
Stay tuned... there's a whole lotta painting going on over here!